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HOME THEATER 2U > Flying Mole Digital Audio Amplifiers

Flying Mole Digital Amplifiers

DAD-M100pro HT Mono Audio Amplifiers

FLYING MOLE - Award Winner at CES 2004, Winner of Award " most wanted components 2004 " by The Stereo Times.

"You'll likely need to shell out more green for more refined amplifiers....and you probably won't get the power that Flying Mole DAD-M100pro HTs digital amplifiers offer."

Click to see larger picture of Flying Mole Digital Amplifiers

"Those recordings brought another aspect of the DAD-M100pro HTs digital amplifiers to the forefront -- their way with the soundstage. I've rarely heard a better defined sense of space, both width and depth, laid out in my listening room."

"The size and weight of the DAD-M100pro HTs digital amplifiers were surprising the first time I encountered the amps at CEDIA 2003 and even more so once I witnessed how powerful these amps are."

"The first thing about the DAD-M100pro HTs digital amplifiers sound that grabbed my attention was the detail that they presented -- not detail thrust in my face, but presented as part of the overall sonic picture."

( SoundStage, April 2004. Details of Flying Mole Digital Amplifiers )

"Two Xavian MIA mini-monitors with a modest digital front-end had no right to sound this good. After he pointed out the monoblock amplifiers which looked like the size of two 250 page novels, I was in shock and picking them up revealed another surprise -- their weight. I literally had to sit down to allow my mind to register that so much sound, resolution and naturalness was coming from such a small system."

" The price to performance ratio is outstanding. They have the capability of playing very loud a decent 8-Ohm speaker while offering a good healthy dose of clean bass with very fine soundstaging along with musical transparency and clarity without sounding etched or shrill. Another plus is that their power consumption is so low that...."

"If there were a category for Unbelievable, my choice would be the Flying Mole DAD-M100 22-ounce monoblock digital amplifiers. That's no typo either. Here you’ve got the smallest audio amplifiers, I believe, in existence that weighs about 1.8 lbs. and are no bigger than your favorite paperback novel. Most astonishing is their rated watts per channel purported at a staggering 100 watts each (160 at 4 Ohm)! "

"I’ve had the review samples for months and they’re soundings as good as when they first arrived. They never get warmer than room temperature and still manage to steal the show."

( Stereo Times, February 2004. Digital Audio Amplifiers Parts One & Digital Audio Amplifiers Parts Two )


The DAD-M100pro ( Digital Audio Driver ) digital amplifiers are 1-bit D-class digital amplifiers that uses *Bi-phase Fusion Technology [pat. pending] to combine the power amplifiers' power section with the amplifiers section to achieve an amazing total conversion efficiency rate of 85%, including the power supply.

In addition to its amazing high efficiency, a special modulation system converts the audio signal to 0.2MHz-5.0MHz to gain a higher frequency amplifier section and 0.2MHz fixed frequency offers a high-frequency power section. The amplifiers are extremely compact and lightweight, offers versatility in a variety of applications.


  • Rated Output: 160-watts / 4 ohm,100-watts / 8 ohm
  • Total Conversion Rate of 85% decreases heat generation extremely.
  • Super compact & Super-light weight: 650g (1.4lb)
  • Sealed Case Design and Anti Dust Construction.
  • High Sound Quality Circuit Design.
  • Conforms to all main market safety standards.
  • 1/3 of rated output power can be delivered continuously.
  • High Impedance Capability.
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption : 30-watts only while delivering 1/8 of rated out put power. > 1/3 of other conventional units Harmonic current standards are not applicable.


  • Powered Loudspeaker
  • AV Home Theater
  • Multi Channel System


  • Rated Output : 160-watts / 4 ohm, 100-watts / 8 ohm
  • Frequency Response : 5Hz-25kHz / 4 ohm, 5Hz-50kHz / 8 ohm
  • Distortion Rate (THD) : 0.03% (8 ohm, 1kHz, 50watts), 0.05% (4 ohm, 1kHz, 50watts)
  • S-N Ratio : 120dB (400Hz-3kHz)
  • Input Impedance : 1V/10k ohm
  • Residual Noise : 25µV(400Hz to 30kHz at BPF)
  • Damping Factor : 200(8 ohm,1kHz)
  • Power Consumption : 20 watts(8 ohm), 30 watts(4 ohm)
  • Stand-by Power : 6-watts(no signal input)
  • Power Supply : AC120V 60Hz (U,C), AC230V 50Hz (E)
  • Dimensions : 130(W) x 210(D) x 41(H) mm / 5.1(W) x 8.3(D) x 1.6(H) in.
  • Weight : 650g (1.43 lb)


  • One year warranty through Flying Mole Corporation that will replace the digital amplifiers if defect is not due to excessive damage or mishanding.

Direct price: $499.00
Limit time offer:


Shipping Charges of speakers are based on the dollar amount of your order and range from $5 to $50. 2nd Day Air is available at higher rates.
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