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What They Say

Our brand names FBS (Firebird Sounds) and Phoenix have been well received and recognized among various international trade shows, magazines, and audio enthusiasts since 1992.

The following speaker reviews are samples from leading international audio magazines. Hopefully they can give you an objective preview of our products.

However, as we have constantly been reminding you, the best way (or the only way) to buy speakers is to audition them in your own room and to use them with equipment & soundtracks you know well; Besides, what could be easier than having speakers delivered right to your door? For this reason we offer a 30-day risk free trial.

CHOPIN LE home theater speakers (stereo speakers) Series.

"Attractive appearance, great first impression, stands out among others even before testing....

A most impressive phantom image, unexpectedly overwhelmed by its spacious soundfield; skillfully controlled phase, focus, & speed with coherent tonal balance.

Firm & defined sound, powerful yet musical, dynamite sonic attributes beyond its price range.......

Direct and alive audio performance, outstanding naturalness and transparency for full scale music reproductions. "

(Audio Art 11/2002, issue 170 )

CHOPIN SA home theater speakers (stereo speakers) Series.

" A win-win solution for decorators & audiophiles. Delicate, uncolored sound, quick transient response ....

1. Superior craftsmanship. 2. Easy adaptable speakers placement to reproduce good audio. 3. Satisfying performance in both cinema & music reproduction. 4. Deep, firm bass even without a subwoofer........

Coherent continuity in soundstage, great wrap around effects..."

( Prime AV 11/2001, issue 79 )

POLAR LIGHT home theater speakers (stereo speakers) Series.

" Solid, fast, and focused, palpable realism with musical consonance in stereo music reproduction; Superior continuity, definition, attack transience & wrap around effects in multi-channel cinema reproduction..... "

( Prime AV 03/2003, issue 95 )

3D MATRIX stereo speakers Series.

" Clean, sweet, alive, and detailed; exceptionally accurate tonal quality in piano, vocal, & strings. Exceeds expectations in chamber & ensemble music reproduction ......"

( Audio Art 12/2001, issue 159 )

NATURE home theater speakers (stereo speakers) Series.

" The entire range is surprisingly balanced & weighty, consisting of a deep, taut bass with open, silky, and richly detailed high- & mid-ranges. The resulting sound is smooth and provides the easy listening that can only be found in speakers that cost at least twice as much .......

Great adaptability to perform with various grades of equipment. Other attributes include: 1. Solid construction... 2. High end materials... 3. Diverse upgrade options.......

It provides a natural timbre with adequate definition & transparency, as well as fearless beyond-the-speakers imaging that make it a thrilling experience to listen to an orchestral reproduction. The price is definitely unreasonably low for the Nature series ......."

( Audio Art 05/2001, issue 152 )


" Nature 7 has a stunning energy that belies its moderate size. Heavy duty construction refined by elegant real wood veneer; deep, taut base with excellent extension.......

Its specially engineered bass reflex system with passive radiator, squeezes more power from the same watts. In fact, this subwoofer produces more than enough bass for most home theaters. .....

The most impressive characteristic is its endless energy. If you are looking for an effective high performance/low cost subwoofer, this is the one! "

( Prime AV 12/2001, issue 80 )

ROSE home theater speakers (stereo speakers) Series.

" Rich sound with incredible value; the tonal quality, craftsmanship, and materials are by no means inferior to high end speakers.......

The frequency response is natural, smooth and alive, effortlessly creating a spacious soundfield. Coherent images and matched timbre greatly improve the realism of the virtual surround sound........."

( HI-FI & HI-VI Monthly, issue 300 )

About Us

Why Buy From Us


Shipping Charges of speakers are based on the dollar amount of your order and range from $5 to $50. 2nd Day Air is available at higher rates.
Experience our fine home theater speakers & stereo speakers in your own home risk free. For details click the 30-Day Guarantee button
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home theater speakers . news

We are excited to annouce our

wireless Speakers solutions

FREENIX BS : High-end wireless (hybrid) digital amplifiers / speaker stands
which have been selected as

CES Innovations 2005 Awards Honoree

Wireless Speakers Award

Thanks for your awesome response!

Our New Exquisite Collections of Home Theater Speakers & Wireless Speakers at CES 2005 exhibition was a wonderful success!


High Performance Home Theater & Audio Speakers, Alexis Park, Room 2251.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
January 5-8, 2006

CES Highlights.

wireless home theater speakers

We've Gone Wireless!

We are so excited about our new lines of high end wireless speakers & wireless products, we can't hide the news anymore.

These applications utilize state of the art digital wireless technology combined with highly efficient super compact amplifiers that provide a performance good enough to satisfy audiophiles.

Wireless Speakers, Wireless Subwoofer & Applications

home theater . wireless speakers

Sneak a peek at
our Wireless Home Theater Speakers

home theater speakers speacial

We have prepared special discount prices for the high end home theater speakers and equipments from the CES show floor in our"SPECIALS" Section.

To ensure you won't miss any special home theater speakers & products offers, sale promotions and new products updates, subscribe to our Home Theater 2U newsletter


Enjoy our Home Theater Speakers & Wireless Speakers!