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HOME THEATER 2U > Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us

So why should you buy from HomeTheater2U?

This is a simple question, with a simple answer. You should buy from HomeTheater2U because we offer the highest quality speakers with the lowest price.

No Middle Men

This is an often overused and cliché saying, but for us, it's true! We can offer such high quality speakers at such low prices because we cut out the middle men: the retail stores, sales representatives who work on commission, marketing and advertising personnel, and other distributors and sellers.

We are the Manufacturer & We are Focused

We offer our FBS and Phoenix speakers at the manufacturers' price, because we are the manufacturer. We are not flashy salesman, we do only the things we do best-----Design, Develop and Manufacture the Cabinet Speakers. We also manufacture some accessories to ensure the overall performance of our systems and to avoid the usual over-price accessories.

Lower Price

Why pay the same price for a less capable product when you can get a higher quality one from us? We also carry other name brand products, but only if they have the same supreme quality and we have the channel to get the lowest possible prices. Then, we pass the great savings on to you,---our customer. You can find them right here: the same name brands, from the same source, but with a different, lower price.

Different Attitude

We regard speaker not just a electric device but a fine music instrument. We don't want to merely impress you with great specification like a meter-man, but to gratify you in every sense like a live performance! This attitude induce us to artfully blended together with a lavish heirloom grade appearance & careful hand craftsmanship. It provides the ultimate performance that technology allows and reflects the mind-set of a perfectionist in music instrument making, while remaining cost-effective conscious.

Best Way to Audition Speakers

We strongly believe and most expert agree: The best way ( or the only way ) to buy speakers is to audition them in you own room, to use with equipment & soundtracks you know well; Besides, what could be easier than having speakers delivered right to your door?

Great Professional Help

Other than offering high quality speakers at low prices, we also offer great assistance. After receiving your HomeTheater2U speakers, you can call us at (480) 838-3881 or E-mail us at tech@hometheater2u.com for any help you might need in setting up your home theater system.

Our mailing address: 1911 E. Citation Ln., Tempe, Arizona 85284.

Risk -Free Guarantee

Finally, we present a strong commitment after you have purchased your HomeTheater2U speakers. To make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a five year warranty, just in case anything should go wrong.

What They Say

About Us


Shipping Charges of speakers are based on the dollar amount of your order and range from $5 to $50. 2nd Day Air is available at higher rates.
Experience our fine home theater speakers & stereo speakers in your own home risk free. For details click the 30-Day Guarantee button
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General information: info@hometheater2u.com
Order Information: order@Hometheater2u.com

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We are excited to annouce our

wireless Speakers solutions

FREENIX BS : High-end wireless (hybrid) digital amplifiers / speaker stands
which have been selected as

CES Innovations 2005 Awards Honoree

Wireless Speakers Award

Thanks for your awesome response!

Our New Exquisite Collections of Home Theater Speakers & Wireless Speakers at CES 2005 exhibition was a wonderful success!


High Performance Home Theater & Audio Speakers, Alexis Park, Room 2251.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
January 5-8, 2006

CES Highlights.

wireless home theater speakers

We've Gone Wireless!

We are so excited about our new lines of high end wireless speakers & wireless products, we can't hide the news anymore.

These applications utilize state of the art digital wireless technology combined with highly efficient super compact amplifiers that provide a performance good enough to satisfy audiophiles.

Wireless Speakers, Wireless Subwoofer & Applications

home theater . wireless speakers

Sneak a peek at
our Wireless Home Theater Speakers

home theater speakers speacial

We have prepared special discount prices for the high end home theater speakers and equipments from the CES show floor in our"SPECIALS" Section.

To ensure you won't miss any special home theater speakers & products offers, sale promotions and new products updates, subscribe to our Home Theater 2U newsletter


Enjoy our Home Theater Speakers & Wireless Speakers!